About Us

Here’s who we are:

Marjorie Harris:  I’ve written 15 garden books (including one about thriftiness in life and another about thriftiness in gardening); have been designing other people’s gardens for the past 10 years; the plant of the week column is in the Style section of the Globe and Mail during the season; and videos on The Globe and Mail online.

Lee Rose:  has worked with MHG for the past four years and now manages the company as well as overseeing all site preparation and gardening brilliantly. Her taste is impeccable.

Monique Dobson:  is an ace pruner. She can make any sad old shrub or tree come back to life with a new personality. She knows the plants,  has a great eye and is a marvelous installer.

Duncan Forbes:  is the newest member of our team and he’s taken to gardening as though born to it. After working like a slave, Duncan will leave your garden in fastidious condition.

  • In addition to our core team, we have other experienced and dedicated workers on call to come in to help when we need them for large jobs.
  • The team is, above all, professional and reliable: We come when we say we’ll come and we work straight through to completion.

In return for this commitment, we ask only that you are at the table with your own preparation done. That is to say, we need to know what your budget is.  We can do designs that will fit almost any amount of money. We would give you an estimate for the finished work, requiring a 25% deposit up to a maximum of $2500.00.